Make your Mark on Victoria’s Gold History

Walhalla Board of Management (WBOM) is seeking Expressions of Interest from experienced operators to broaden the customer experiences at our heritage sites.

The expression of interest documents can be found on our website: 

Click here to download

All ideas are welcome at this EOI stage. The Board will review all submissions against the following criteria:

  1. Strategic Fit with the Board’s strategy and purpose
  2. Ability to increase visitation and length of stay in Walhalla
  3. Impact on customer experience of Walhalla (including on and off site experience)
  4. Alignment with Walhalla’s heritage design ethic and requirements
  5. Potential for financial return to the WBOM

This EOI stage does not offer any licence or lease. It is a precursor to more formalised processes that would proceed if one or more of the EOI submissions are selected for further investigation.

Expressions of Interest should be submitted via email to: info@walhallaboard.org.au

The submission closing date is 30 May 2022 (at 11:59pm)


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