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The Walhalla Board of Management

Crown Land reserves throughout Victoria have historically been managed by Committees of Management or in the case of Walhalla, a Board of Management. Members are appointed under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 for a period of three years to manage the reserves on behalf of the Minister for Environment Land, Water and Planning. The Department does not fund the activities of the Board. The Board’s income comes from mine tours, property rentals and accommodation fees. The Walhalla Board of Management Incorporated manages the following four Crown Land Reserves in Walhalla. The four properties managed by the Board are the Old Walhalla Post Office, the Tunnel Extended Mine, the Mechanics Institute (including Creek Cottage) and the Chinese Gardens.

Board Members in 2022 are:
  • Chairperson       David Balfour
  • Secretary            Suzanne Campbell
  • Treasurer            Knowles Tivendale
  • Board members
    • Alysia Brandenburg
    • Chris Robinson
    • Christine Lee
    • John Buchecker
    • John Fascio
    • Jyoti Ghosh


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